Memory Sounds (KCG1000) KCD 1590

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Memory Sounds...Uncle Ozzie & Cousin Fuzzy

Fiddlin' Brass

Surfside Suzie

Suitor's Waltz

It May Be Silly, but Ain't It Fun

Lucky Lady


Over Three Hills

Sick, Sober & Sorry

Mambo Polka

Lights Out Waltz

Arcady Radio Shows Instr

Dicks Polka

Mighty Pretty Waltz

Skit #1

Somebodys Cryin'

Honeymoon Waltz

Just Another Polka

Don't Forget: Smiles ae made out of sunshine

Skit #2

Dutchmens Waltz

Metro Polka

Walkin' to Missouri

Wild Side of Life

Skit #3

Arcady Waltz

Kisses on Paper

Just a Closer Walk with Thee


KCG 1000  KCD 1590