Cuca Records Rock & Roll Story Vol 1 Classics 703

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The Fendermen-MuleSkinner Blues, The Teen Kings- I Might Have Known, The Teen Kings-Teenage Partner, Larry Phillipson-Bitter Feelings, Thunderbirds-Midnight Express, Night Hawks-Jitterbug Joe, Steve Sperry-That Ain't So, Lonnie Walker- I Slipped I Stumbled I Fell, Vanguards-Little Boy Blue,Rock a Fellers-Say Mama, Orbits-Orbit Rock, Catalinas-Crazy Twistin' Baby, Teentones- I Told You Little Baby, Lavenders- White LIghtin Effin, MuleSkinners-Rocky Road Blues,Continentals-Tic Toc, Phaetons-Whats All This, Dick Hiorns-I'm Movin On, Dave Kennedy & Ambassadours- You Didn't Listen, Troubadours-Six Foot Down,Jimmy Sunn & Radiants-Molly and Ten Brooks, Phil Humphrey New Fendermen-Green Sleeves, Robby & Teens- The Angel You Sent Me, Montereys- Rockin Fool, Kenny King and Be Bops- I'm Gonna Love You, Vilas Crigs & ViCounts-Walkin Down the Avenue, Don & Dominoes-Just Let Me Be, Crossfires-When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again, Dave Kennedy and Ambassadours-That's Where Lonesome Lives,Kenny Bee & Roy Winters-Come Back Home