Badgers a Go Go KCD 4500

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Long Hot Summer (Betty Moore w/Esquires and 7 Sounds) - Zombie Jamboree (Dave Kennedy and the Ambassadors) - Her Love (Centurys) - Do Lord (Chieftones) - Getting Down (Seven Sounds) - Flower Lady (Grapes of Wrath) - Muleskinner Blues (Mule Skinners) - That's Alright  (Ron Means) - Sad Song (War Lords) - I've Had It (Jerry and the Continentals) - You Don't Care (Esquires) - Twelfth of Never (Del Rays) - Aw Shucks (Robin Lee and the Lavenders) - Salem Witch Trial (Kiriae Crucible) - Voodoo Walk (Voodoos)

KCD 4500